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  • COVID-19 Sales Objections

    If you've liked our content thus far, you're really going to enjoy this new webinar series! Going forward, the team at Sports Business Solutions will be running regular sales training sessions in theClubhouse. These sessions will highlight particular "hot topics" in sport sales, and this premium content will only be made available for our Clubhouse Pro members. For people selling in sports right now, there isn't a hotter topic than the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our customers want to know when we'll get back to playing games, when the fans will be allowed in, what that experience will look like, and some want their money back. These are difficult conversations but during this training we unpack all of those objections and talk through how to best handle them. Originally recorded May 28, 2020.

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  • The premium sales discussion

    Premium seats generate the lions share of a teams ticketing revenue so they are always a BIG part of the overall business plan. Premium salespeople (just like in corporate partnerships) are in a tough spot. They are working with businesses to sell corporate hospitality and larger partnerships and in some cases those very businesses are losing money and laying off workers right now. The longer COVID-19 goes on, it's becoming harder and harder to justify spending top dollar on entertainment. For this webinar we bring on three guests, all of whom are among the best in the business when it comes to selling premium seats. Jeremy Eisler at the Arizona Diamondbacks, Evan Gilles at the Atlanta Hawks, and Ian Tasso at NFL on Location have more than 25 years' experience between them and if anyone can figure out how to succeed during these difficult times, it's these three. Originally recorded May 19, 2020.

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  • How to have successful virtual sales conversations

    Right now, sales in sports are being handled virtually. We're engaging our prospects and customers via technology and communicating through all types of channels. We're using social media, video, email, and mobile messaging more than we ever have. This session is dedicated to helping you become more effective as a virtual salesperson. For this webinar we're excited to be partnering with Zipwhip, who is the sports industry leader in providing Texting for Business software and API solutions for teams, and they work with nearly half of the teams within the "big 5 leagues". We're joined by a collection of panelists, all of whom are sports industry leaders and who have had success utilizing virtual and mobile technology to drive sales. Jim Van Dam from the Indianapolis Colts, Chris Bongo from the Arizona Coyotes, Nicole Tillett from FC Dallas and John Markiewicz from the Chicago White Sox. Originally recorded April 30, 2020.

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  • Coronavirus support for the sports industry: "The sales conversations the reps are having right now"

    Many of the questions we're getting right now revolve around what we should (or shouldn't) be saying to our customers and our prospects. We've discussed it as consultants, we've discussed it as sales leaders, BUT we haven't discussed it with other sales reps. We've pulled together salespeople from different leagues, teams and markets to have an interactive discussion around what they are saying AND hearing on the phones right now. If you're a seller in sports you're going to enjoy this one. It's unlike any other webinar we've done yet. Originally recorded April 23, 2020.

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  • Coronavirus support for the sports industry: "What's happening in college athletics"

    There are a lot of changes to the sports business landscape right now, and to date we've covered most of them on the "pro" side of things. College Athletics is a huge operation as well and with a lot at stake as we head into the Summer and the Fall college football season. For this webinar we bring on three executives in College Athletics to talk about how they're handing the COVID-19 times with their donors, athletes, ticket holders and staffs. Rob Kristiniak is the Associate AD of Sales & Service at Penn State University. Rachel Myers is the Associate Director of Ticket Sales at the University of Michigan and Mark Cameron is the Sr. Director of Sales & Service at Florida State University. Hope you enjoy the conversation! Originally recorded April 21, 2020

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