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  • The premium sales discussion

    Premium seats generate the lions share of a teams ticketing revenue so they are always a BIG part of the overall business plan. Premium salespeople (just like in corporate partnerships) are in a tough spot. They are working with businesses to sell corporate hospitality and larger partnerships and in some cases those very businesses are losing money and laying off workers right now. The longer COVID-19 goes on, it's becoming harder and harder to justify spending top dollar on entertainment. For this webinar we bring on three guests, all of whom are among the best in the business when it comes to selling premium seats. Jeremy Eisler at the Arizona Diamondbacks, Evan Gilles at the Atlanta Hawks, and Ian Tasso at NFL on Location have more than 25 years' experience between them and if anyone can figure out how to succeed during these difficult times, it's these three. Originally recorded May 19, 2020.

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  • How to have successful virtual sales conversations

    Right now, sales in sports are being handled virtually. We're engaging our prospects and customers via technology and communicating through all types of channels. We're using social media, video, email, and mobile messaging more than we ever have. This session is dedicated to helping you become more effective as a virtual salesperson. For this webinar we're excited to be partnering with Zipwhip, who is the sports industry leader in providing Texting for Business software and API solutions for teams, and they work with nearly half of the teams within the "big 5 leagues". We're joined by a collection of panelists, all of whom are sports industry leaders and who have had success utilizing virtual and mobile technology to drive sales. Jim Van Dam from the Indianapolis Colts, Chris Bongo from the Arizona Coyotes, Nicole Tillett from FC Dallas and John Markiewicz from the Chicago White Sox. Originally recorded April 30, 2020.

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  • Episode 13. Selling Premium Seats with Tahlor Levine, Austin McCormick & Randy Wills

    Selling premium seats and hospitality to businesses and affluent individuals is one of toughest things to do in our business. If you're able to do it successfully, it can take you from being a good seller to a great seller and it can be a launching pad for your career. We're excited to host a panel discussion with three individuals who have sold premium at the highest level. Tahlor Levine (Yankees), Austin McCormick (Legends), and Randy Wills (Magic) join us for a live virtual discussion around premium seating. They discuss how they do it now, things they struggled with early on, and what you can be doing to sell more high dollar inventory. Originally recorded on September 19, 2019.

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  • Episode 9. Nick Forro - Vice President, Sales at NHL Seattle. "Selling an expansion team"

    Nick Forro is the Vice President of Sales at NHL Seattle which is being run and managed by Elevate. He's responsible for building the fan base from scratch and preparing the marketplace for an NHL Franchise. That includes pricing, strategies, sales campaigns, community events and all things that go into selling tickets and hospitality for a brand new team. Prior to this role Nick gained ticket sales, sponsorship and leadership experience with teams like: Phoenix Suns, New York Yankees and the Miami Dolphins. In this session he talks about what it's like selling an expansion franchise and some of the challenges that come along with it. Originally recorded on May 22, 2019.

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  • Episode 3. Jared Schoenfeld - VP of Brand Partnerships, The Players' Tribune. "How to sell dynamic partnerships"

    Jared Schoenfeld is the VP and Head of Brand Partnerships at the Players' Tribune. He leads their new business acquisition strategies and takes a lead role in the activation of their marquee partnerships. He's one of the best pure sellers in the sports industry and has done some of the largest partnerships in our business. As good of a seller as he is, he's a great leader and has a passion for helping to develop others. In this session he offers some insight into his career, his progression through the ranks, how he arrived at Players' Tribune and his philosophies to selling high level marketing partnerships. Originally recorded on January 24, 2019.

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