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  • Coronavirus support for the sports industry: "The corporate partnership conversation"

    COVID-19 has affected all of us in sports. We've covered many topics to try and help you get through this unprecedented time, but one topic we haven't covered yet is Corporate Partnerships. We're excited to welcome on three people with a lot of experience in "sponsorship" in sports. Sarra Serhane is with the Detroit Pistons, Dan Kaufmann is with the New York Jets and Scott Erdmann is with the Las Vegas Raiders. They've actively been involved in selling, leading, and activating corporate partnerships at their respective teams and are managing corporate partner conversations during this Coronavirus pandemic. We're interested in diving in to learn more about how we can have meaningful dialogue with our partners right now. What do we say? How do we provide value? What do we do with their payments? We cover it all on this webinar. Originally recorded April 9, 2020.

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    Coronavirus support Sponsorship
  • Coronavirus support for the sports industry: "How to manage your team in a crisis"

    We're living in unprecedented times, especially in the sports industry. Games and events are on hold, our people are working from home and our routines and "normal way of life" has been flipped upside down. As a manager and leader of people, how do you handle that? What do you say, and how do you guide people through uncertainty? We address that on this webinar. We're excited to have two AWESOME leaders from the sports industry join us. Eric Clouse is an SVP at the Cleveland Cavaliers and Michele Kajiwara is an SVP at the Staples Center with AEG. Both have years of leadership experience and both are managing large teams. This is a tough time for all of us, but we had a great time discussing this topic. Originally recorded April 7, 2020.

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    Coronavirus support Leadership Development
  • Coronavirus support for the sports industry: "What should we do in group sales"

    We're in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic and live events and sports games are temporarily shut down. The experts are telling us that getting together in large groups isn't a good idea right now until we can get the pandemic under control. If you're in group sales in sports, your job is to plan large gatherings for people to come together. So our question then is.... what do we do right now?! It's a tough one and we don't have ALL the answers but in this webinar we have a great dialogue about it. We invited two Group Sales experts to the call, Carl Manteau the Sr. Director of Group Sales at the Chicago Blackhawks, and Benjamin Neistat who is the Manager of Group Sales at Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment. We're also proud to partner with Spinzo on this webinar and we also had Denise Sichineder on with us who is the VP of Sales at Spinzo and who is the former Group Sales Director at the Atlanta Hawks. Bob Hamer, the President & Founder of Sports Business Solutions was there to help moderate and he was previously the Group Sales Director at the Phoenix Suns. There is a lot of group sales brainpower on this one and we had a pretty meaty discussion on how to maximize our group sales efforts right now. Originally recorded on April 2, 2020.

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  • Coronavirus support for the sports industry: "How to engage your customers right now"

    As we settle in to this new routine of working from home and everyone is getting more familiar with the Coronavirus and the state of the world right now, sales and customer service people are beginning to engage more with their clients. Conventional thinking tells you that this will end at some point, and we'd all agree it's important to be ready when it does. We know that having those touchpoints and relationships with your customers will be important through this, but how do you do it?! How do you engage without coming off too salesly? On this webinar, we help you with that. Originally recorded on March 31, 2020.

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    Coronavirus support Ticket Sales
  • Coronavirus support for the sports industry: "What sports teams are doing right now"

    Many of the questions we're getting from our friends, colleagues, and clients in sports revolve around what to do right now. This Coronavirus pandemic has turned into an international state of emergency and has subsequently put a halt to sports and live events. Doing so has left many of us unsure of what to do. At Sports Business Solutions and theClubhouse we wanted to host an open webinar where teams and industry professionals could join, share and learn what each other is doing to stay productive right now. We were joined on this call by Joe Cote, SVP of Ticket Sales & Service at the Portland Timbers, Evan Gitomer, Vice President of Premium Ticketing at Van Wagner, and Dustin Toms, Vice President of Business Operations at the Stockton Kings. This session covers everything from leadership, to strategy, to tactical sales training elements. There is also a robust Q/A so regardless of your role in sports, I think you're sure to get some take-a-ways here! Originally recorded on March 26, 2020.

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