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Episode 42. Sports Business Career Chat with Bob Hamer

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This is a regular series we do in theClubhouse, we discuss challenges in sports business. Bob Hamer is the President & Founder of Sports Business Solutions and Creator of theClubhouse platform. After graduating from the University of Arizona in 06', he spent eight years working in the NBA with the Phoenix Suns. He was promoted seven times during his tenure, he started as an Inside Sales Rep and eventually grew to become their VP of Ticket Sales & Service. He left in 14' to launch Sports Business Solutions. At SBS, he and his team of six provide Sales Training & Consulting services for sports teams and properties throughout North America and have 140 team clients. Bob's passion is helping people succeed in sports and this session is all about helping people do that. Regardless of the stage you are in your career, you should enjoy these tips, especially during COVID-19 times when we're experiencing so much uncertainty. Originally recorded April 28, 2020.

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