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Episode 36. Corporate Partnerships Panel During COVID-19

Coronavirus support Sponsorship

COVID-19 has affected all of us in sports. We've covered many topics to try and help you get through this unprecedented time, but one topic we haven't covered yet is Corporate Partnerships. We're excited to welcome on three people with a lot of experience in "sponsorship" in sports. Sarra Serhane is with the Detroit Pistons, Dan Kaufmann is with the New York Jets and Scott Erdmann is with the Las Vegas Raiders. They've actively been involved in selling, leading, and activating corporate partnerships at their respective teams and are managing corporate partner conversations during this Coronavirus pandemic. We're interested in diving in to learn more about how we can have meaningful dialogue with our partners right now. What do we say? How do we provide value? What do we do with their payments? We cover it all on this webinar. Originally recorded April 9, 2020.

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