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Episode 32. What sports teams are doing during COVID-19

Coronavirus support Ticket Sales Customer Service

Many of the questions we're getting from our friends, colleagues, and clients in sports revolve around what to do right now. This Coronavirus pandemic has turned into an international state of emergency and has subsequently put a halt to sports and live events. Doing so has left many of us unsure of what to do. At Sports Business Solutions and theClubhouse we wanted to host an open webinar where teams and industry professionals could join, share and learn what each other is doing to stay productive right now. We were joined on this call by Joe Cote, SVP of Ticket Sales & Service at the Portland Timbers, Evan Gitomer, Vice President of Premium Ticketing at Van Wagner, and Dustin Toms, Vice President of Business Operations at the Stockton Kings. This session covers everything from leadership, to strategy, to tactical sales training elements. There is also a robust Q/A so regardless of your role in sports, I think you're sure to get some take-a-ways here! Originally recorded on March 26, 2020.

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