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Benefits of a consolidated secondary market in ticketing

Collectively, everyone re-selling tickets for a team or brand is part of a "secondary market" of ticket inventory to complement a teams primary channels to buy tickets. Teams are now getting smarter about how to manage the secondary market and their respective secondary partners to ensure it doesn't cannibalize their own marketing efforts and we are excited to have a discussion with three people who are right in the heart of these conversations! Calleagh Darby is the GM at SMU Athletics, Joe Rixon is the Associate AD at Seton Hall, and Ryan Kindt is the Director of Partnerships for Tickets for Less. Together we're going to have a robust conversation about how teams are managing their secondary market channels and how consolidating to fewer channels could be impactful for a teams ticketing business. This session is in partnership with Tickets For Less and hope you decide to join us! It's free, see you there.

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