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Episode 66. How to hustle your way to sport sales success w/Travis Apple

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Travis Apple is the Chief Revenue Officer at Event Dynamic and prior to that he's had stints with the NBA league office, the Phoenix Suns, Orlando Magic, Pittsburgh Pirates and Atlanta Hawks. He's held both sales and sales leadership roles at those teams over the last 13+ years. He's been successful everywhere he's been and one of his passions at this stage in his career is giving back and helping to develop young people in the sports industry. So much so that he's recently started a podcast called "52 weeks of hustle" and has written a book on sport sales called "Hustle your way to success in sport sales". He's also a great friend of ours here at theClubhouse and he is a big advocate of our platform. We thought it'd be cool to invite Travis onto a webinar to talk about his book and give us some lessons on how you can "hustle" your way to sport sales success. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Originally recorded November 19, 2020.

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