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Episode 55. Leadership Discussion w/ Calleagh Darby, Eric Cole & Col Erlandson

Leadership Development Ticket Sales Sales Management

There's no secret that right now, in sports, times are tough for everyone. Generating revenue, pivoting, and trying to keep the business moving forward is top of mind for everyone. Leaders are not just trying to keep their people employed, but keep them engaged and motivated as well. This session is all about how to continue growing revenues and motivating your people during tough times like COVID-19. We're excited to have three guests on from IMG Learfield, all of whom are General Managers of their respective properties, to talk through how you can succeed with sales and your team members during this time. Calleagh Darby is with SMU, Eric Cole is with Indy Eleven and Col Erlandson is with Duke. Originally recorded on July 16, 2020.

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