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Episode 52. Success in Inside Sales with Nick Richardson & Missy Ripepi

Career Coaching Job seeking Ticket Sales

Inside Sales or "Entry level sales" is the most common way to enter the sports business industry. Whether you want to sell or you're just trying to get your foot in the door, this is usually where you begin. The reason for this is because 50%+ of the entry level jobs in sports are in ticketing or customer service. For anyone that's been through it, you know this job is tough. In many ways it's a right of passage. You are learning how to sell, manage rejection, become a professional and you're still figuring out life on your own. As hard as the role is, it makes you stronger and can give you the foundation for a long and successful career in the sports business. In this session, Josh Belkoff at Sports Business Solutions runs a discussion with two people who have grown their careers through Inside Sales and have also led Inside Sales teams, (Josh has as well). Nick Richardson from the Texas Rangers and Missy Ripepi from FEVO and formerly the Colorado Avalanche and Pittsburgh Pirates. Together they share some great advice on achieving success through Inside Sales. Originally recorded June 25, 2020.

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