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Episode 48. Managing a Team Remotely w/ Kyle Pottinger & Jessica O'Neill

Leadership Development Coronavirus support

Due to COVID-19 many sales teams across sports (and other industries) are either working from home full time, or splitting time working in the office and working from home. Because of that, there are new challenges for both salespeople and sales leaders. For many salespeople, they're used to the energy in the sales office. For many leaders, they're comfortable building their office cultures and calling quick rallies and meetings. Now times are different. In this session we talk through how to manage and lead your sales team(s) in the current environment and we are excited to welcome on two guests who are doing just that. Jessica O'Neill is the Director of Ticket Sales at the Carolina Panthers and Kyle Pottinger is the Senior Vice President of Ticket Sales & Service at the Phoenix Suns. Originally recorded June 9, 2020.

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