Sr Account Executive, Business Development

On April 15, 2020 8:56am

Working in sports sales typically leads to a lower income compared to non-sports jobs. Specific to the COVID-19 crisis, what is the best way to cope with people on unemployment benefits that will ultimately make more than those still with a job?

Good question and it's a tough one to answer. There are a lot of other benefits to having a job than just the money, especially in sports. The camaraderie, the people, the sense of purpose, the consistency and the security knowing you have something for the future. Unemployment is a route to take but that may be tough to sustain long term and I'd encourage you to take a long term view of this. If/when sports comes back around we'll need good sales and service people and if you're one of those people there will be higher earning potential and a greater sense of purpose as you help people, family and businesses enjoy the magic of pro sports and entertainment once again. Of course, we need to pay our bills and we're all struggling to do that right now, but if you're able to survive through this and come out the other side I think there is a lot of opportunity in the future.

On April 15, 2020 9:05am

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