Incoming Inside Sales Representative (January of 2021)

Posted by Alex Kujawa On May 17, 2020 9:08am

What programs or skills would you recommend me mastering before beginning my career in sport sales? Would you recommend me getting very good with zoom, Excel, etc? Would you recommend me looking at the Cavaliers seating chart and familiarizing myself with the products that the organization offers before beginning? How can I come in with a leg up and get ready to contribute early?


Hope all is well!

For programs/ skills- I would try to put some time in being organized. Make sure you reply back to emails currently, stay up to date on any projects/school functions you have, and start creating a system that is comfortable for you- it will only help you in the long run as you start your sports sales career.

I'd spend a little time on zoom/excel, but don't think it's necessary to practice those skills. Your leaders at the Cavaliers and in sports business will have a process for you once you begin your career. Same thing with seating charts/products. Product mixes change every year, and especially in these times, offerings may change even more as things begin to normalize due to COVID-19. Stay in contact with your leaders at your team, and they'll make sure to get you prepared on any items prior to beginning in January 2021. Plan to reach out every month or two catching up and hearing about what's new in the organization and always ask if you can better yourself/focus on an area before you start. Read a sales related book, and just start getting yourself in a working mindset about 30-60 days prior to starting your role- you will crush it.

Hope that helps!

Posted by Josh Belkoff On May 18, 2020 2:40pm

For an incoming IS rep, I'd focus on product knowledge and preparing for sales. I definitely underestimated how difficult the role would be. Making calls, dealing with rejection, grinding every day, etc. Try and brush up on your skills in advance, take some time away if you can to refresh and begin the job with a fresh perspective, an eager attitude, and a desire to get better. It won't happen right away, it takes time and the people who succeed are the ones who are able to consistently have great days over the course of a campaign. Easier said than done but the mental side is half the battle. Good luck!

Posted by Bob Hamer On May 19, 2020 8:17am

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