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We've trained more than 100 sports teams throughout the US and Canada, conducted more than 350 sales training sessions and trained over 1,000 salespeople in sports.
Sport sales training videos

Running Effective Virtual Meetings
by Josh Belkoff

Feeding your mind
by Josh Belkoff

How to deal with Gatekeepers
by Bob Hamer

The SBS Consulting certified trainers

Our trainers have a combined 30+ years of sport sales experience. They've all sold and lead sales teams themselves and have a passion to coach and teach. Their experience covers all aspects of sport sales including but not limited to: B2C, B2B, Group Sales, Retention, Corporate Partnerships and the "Sales 101 basics".

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Incoming Inside Sales Representative (January of 2021)
2 answers · View All

What programs or skills would you recommend me mastering before beginning my career in sport sales? Would you recommend me getting very good with zoom, Excel, etc? Would you recommend me looking at the Cavaliers seating chart and familiarizing myself with the products that the organization offers before beginning? How can I come in with a leg up and get ready to contribute early?

Covid objection
1 answer · View All

How do you handle Covid as a sales objection?