Graphic Design Intern

Sports 1 Marketing in Irvine, CA, US

The S1M Internship Program is a holistic program designed to give students experience in the exciting and challenging world of sports and to teach our four core principles 1) Gratitude, 2) Empathy, 3) Accountability, and 4) Effective Communication. Undergraduates, and graduates accepted into the program are each entrusted with a media project to own and execute over the course of their internship with us. Each intern receives a customized learning plan to ensure they get the right levels of coaching, mentorship, and formal training as they deliver their work at S1M.

S1M is looking for a graphic design intern. The internship program runs year-round. The position is unpaid, and for course credit only. As a graphic design intern, one will develop their skills while generating and leveraging content for social media that includes but is not limited to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In this position, you will be allowed to display your creativity and abilities as a graphic design artist, while building a portfolio of work.

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