Inside Sales Manager

Los Angeles Clippers in Los Angeles, CA, US

**Principal Duties and Responsibilities:**
  • Recruit: You will be expected to attend several career fairs locally and nationally to find the best available talent. Our proactive recruiting model means we are always interviewing, inquiring, and selling the program

  • Train: After we bring in top talent, we will then teach them how to sell with the goal of promoting them internally & externally. This includes not just teaching sales techniques and processes but how to communicate, give a presentation, professional email writing, etc.

  • Drive Revenue: Become actively involved with the sales process by shadowing face to face appointments, monitoring phone calls, and helping with high revenue deals

  • Onboard: The first few weeks of an Inside Sales reps tenure with the Clippers involves an intensive 2-week training course led by the Inside Sales Managers

  • Script Building: Assist the other Managers & Directors in building out scripts for different call campaigns

  • 1 on 1s: Responsible for meeting with each representative on a bi-weekly basis to discuss personal updates, goal pacing, and training needs

  • Game time: Drive revenue through high volume activity during games at sales tables, distributing seat tags, and appointments

  • Feedback: The Inside Sales Manager is responsible for giving consistent positive and constructive feedback to accelerate learning opportunities

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