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Become a featured job on the job board and receive additional exposure. You’ll also be assigned 15 quality candidates from the SBS database based on your search criteria.



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Platinum jobs get the most social media and email promotion. We assign you 15 candidates AND we screen them for you, ensuring that by the time they get to you, they’re qualified and interested.


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Featured on the theClubhouse for 30 days
Included in our general job update newsletter
Job board will be promoted regularly through all social media channels
Featured on the theClubhouse for 45 days
Your individual job will be emailed directly to candidates in our database
Custom social media graphic just for your job and promoted directly via all social media channels to maximize exposure
The SBS Consulting team will send you 15 additional job candidate matches based on your search criteria
Featured on the theClubhouse for 60 days
The SBS Consulting’ team of recruiters will screen and pre-qualify your candidate list to help identify the right person for the job
The SBS Consulting’ team will send you a minimum of 5 candidates that are not only qualified, but pre-screened and interested in your position
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