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How to transition from a salesperson to a sales leader

By Kristoffer Dolen - Sales Manager, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Too often when speaking with top sales representatives in the sports industry, I ask what their future career aspirations are, and I almost always hear, “I want to be a manager.” Sound familiar? On...

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Leading in Uncertain Times - 6 keys to remember

By tom theodorakis - Associate Athletics Director, Development at the University of Arizona

First, I would like to thank Bob Hamer and Sports Business Solutions for the opportunity to contribute. Now more than ever, you see the value of great organizations like this. During these difficult times,...

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Sports industry advice for salespeople during COVID-19

By theClubhouse team

For salespeople all around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic is like nothing we've ever seen or had to deal with. Its been especially difficult for those in the sports, travel, entertainment and hospitality...

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How we've transitioned our sales culture during COVID-19

By andrew hicks - manager, group sales at one world observatory (NY)

We have lived in a world of grey over these last 6+ months. For many, including myself, this has been difficult to adjust to. We all were used to a particular way of life pre-COVID, and when things would...

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6 steps to being an effective Sales Manager

By kevin klammer - sr. director of training and development at sports business solutions

“Congrats, you’re the new manager. Now go hit your goals.” It feels that way for a lot of first-time sales managers. I talk to a lot of members of the management ranks who are hungry for best practices...

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Bridging the communication gap between sellers and leaders during COVID-19

By brett zalaski - Founder, Empowerment of a salesperson and Founder and head trainer at get after it sales

Over the first few weeks of COVID-19 quarantine life I spoke with more than 60 #sportsbiz sales reps and I also spoke with dozens of my friends in leadership positions for #sportsbiz teams. The story was...

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8 lessons from "The Last Dance" and Michael Jordans Bulls

By bob hamer - president & founder of Sports business solutions and creator of theclubhouse

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog personally, but after completing the 10-part sports documentary series “The Last Dance” which chronicles Michael Jordan’s Bulls and their 6 NBA titles...

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My leadership journey: Horizontal vs. Vertical career growth

By jared ginsburg - director of ticket sales for oilers entertainment group

Are you preparing yourself for your next opportunity in the industry? I felt like a million bucks as I took the short walk from my new office to the sales bullpen with a bit of swagger in my step. I was...

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My leadership journey: What I learned going from peer to leader

By Mitch ried - vice president, sales & marketing at louisville city fc

I worked tirelessly for nearly 5 years as a Group Sales Account Executive. I built amazing relationships with my client base. I was making a lot of commission and dominating the sales leaderboard inside...

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How to navigate career moves in sports business

By eric cole - general manager, ticket sales at Learfield IMG College ticket solutions at indy eleven

It’s common practice in the Sports Industry to move from team to team or sport to sport in order to move up the career ladder. I’ve personally added to this and have seen a lot of growth and development...

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The top 5 things I learned in my first year in sports leadership

By zach Henderson - Manager, Inside Sales at the Washington nationals

From my first opportunity with the Philadelphia Eagles, I knew that this was going to be an amazing industry to work in... but not without facing challenges. I originally grew up in a small farming town...

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3 lessons I've learned about leadership

By corey breton - CRO, Global ATtractions at Legends

The three L’s; guess it’s fitting since one of the first lessons in leadership is learning to take L’s. As a sales rep, everything is within your control, and you can undoubtedly work your way out...

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4 ways to own and develop your organizational culture

By aaron lampkin - director, ticket sales at seattle sounders fc

Anytime I attend a conference, enter a college campus, or interview someone for a role, I am always asked about what the culture is like. I find myself becoming robotic and asking what does culture mean...

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Leaders: 3 ways to develop loyalty with your team members

By max kozinn - career & talent development manager at the university of texas at austin

The war for talent is real. Leaders often share with me there is a major challenge of retaining team members. They say, "I am frustrated my employees are not more loyal to us and are leaving for other...

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Tips for your first 90 days as a new manager

By ted glick - sr director of ticket sales & service at sacramento republic fc

In part two of a two part series about "The path to sports business leadership", Ted Glick at Sacramento Republic FC shares his insights and advice on navigating your first 90 days as a new "boss"....

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