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#MySportsBizStart - Brittany Dvorak: "Life's a Ride.."

By Brittany Dvorak - Assistant to the General Manager at the Ralph engelstad arena

As a little girl growing up in Grand Forks, ND, I fell in love with sports. From being dropped off by my parents at all the early morning practices to the many late nights of spending extra time in the...

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What I learned in my first year in sport sales

By Jeremy barber - Account executive, business development at the san jose sharks

I remember lying awake in bed the night before I was set to move to San Jose on February 28th, 2019, to begin my career in the sports industry. It was already past 2:30am and I had to be up by 4:00am to...

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4 keys to growing your career in sports

By Lewis Gray - director of sales at connect partnership group

Growing a career in sports, let alone any industry, takes confidence, dedication, perseverance, and patience. Understanding what you want with high levels of self-awareness and self-reflection are key...

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3 networking tips to get a job in sports

By jordan green - brand marketing coordinator at champs sports

It’s becoming cliché in the sports business... It’s not about what you know, but who you know. But over the past two years, as I began my attempt to enter the sports industry, I realized that it’s...

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So you want to work in sports?! Here's how you can

By Stuart Sokoloff - Account Executive, Group Service at The Phoenix Suns

This article was originally written and posted on LinkedIn by Stuart Sokoloff on June 8, 2020. Sixteen sports internships. Fourteen co-curricular clubs. Vice President of the class. Vice President for...

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8 keys to acing your video interview

By jason stein - vice president, recruiting & development at sports business solutions

While many organizations have put a freeze on hiring, a lot of businesses are still conducting interviews for openings that have been put on hold. The timeline of when a hire can be made may be unclear,...

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10 candid tips on how to enter the sports industry

By chris langdon - Manager of Partnerships and Sales, Niagara River Lions

I have always been one to want to ‘figure things out on my own’, and my introduction to the sports industry was no different. Upon reflecting, I have likely broken most of the conventional unwritten...

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The "can't miss prospect" in life and sports

By nick richardson - director, new business development - texas rangers baseball club

I often think about what sets high performers apart from the average or below average performers in various jobs and in life. I relate much of what I do to sales because as a friend once said, “sales...

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3 keys to breaking into the sports industry

By kyle brannigan - phd student in sport administration at the university of northern colorado

I have experience both working in sports and now I’m involved in sport business academia as a PhD student in Sport Administration at Northern Colorado. I talk with students and job seekers all the time...

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5 things I wish I knew about sales before getting a sport sales job

By bob hamer - president & founder of Sports business solutions and creator of theclubhouse

My first job after college, in the Summer of 06’, was selling tickets for the Phoenix Suns (NBA), Phoenix Mercury (WNBA) and Phoenix RoadRunners (ECHL). The position itself was “Sales Consultant”...

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5 tips to achieving your ideal job in sports

By Jonathan White - Director, group sales at the san jose sharks

It’s hard to believe I’ve been working in the sports industry since 2012, back when I had absolutely no idea that I would be lucky enough to make a career out of my love for the game of basketball...

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What is a "learning interview" in sports, and why is it so important?

By max kozinn - career & talent development manager at the university of texas at austin

Grow your network through learning! It’s one of the most important decisions you will make in your life: “Where do I work?” Now, more than ever, we are flooded with information overload on social...

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5 keys to industry success from a recent #sportsbiz grad

By luke johnson - incoming sports industry professional with the Pittsburgh pirates

With graduation one week away, it has given me some time to reflect on the journey to my first role with the Pittsburgh Pirates in their Inside Sales Associate Program. Because of family, friends, and...

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Keeping it real... What Inside Sales in sports is really like

By Brian towers - vice president, ticket sales & service - san Jose sharks

There are plenty of great articles written about the early stages of developing a career in an Inside Sales program. I’m putting a different spin on it and taking a shot at providing some authentic feedback...

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4 keys to breaking into the sports industry

By ben slingerland - business development manager, catapult sports

In an article written by Ben and originally published 02/20/19 on his personal site: Everyone loves sports. Our culture is predicated around them for better or for worse. Sport has served as humanity’s...

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