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How adaptability and change can grow your sports career

By brian specia - director of ticket sales & Service, uconn athletics

So you want to work in sports? As we grow into working professionals, the High School to College ranks provide several large jumps that force us to adapt and change. I would love to see an entire course...

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Career Coaching
#MySportsBizStart - Keenan Polan: "A relationship based approach to career"

By keenan polan - director of sales - barracuda championship, PGA tour

How did you get your start in sports? It's a common question from college students looking to “get a foot in the door” in the sports industry. I love telling people how I got my start. Mainly because...

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The cornerstone of success? Relationships..

By nick richardson - director, new business development - texas rangers

As I sit here today entering my 16th season in professional sports, I take more time for self-reflection and to review what has gone right, wrong, and everything in the middle. When it comes to the successes...

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Career Coaching
Keeping it real... What Inside Sales in sports is really like

By Brian towers - vice president, ticket sales & service - san Jose sharks

There are plenty of great articles written about the early stages of developing a career in an Inside Sales program. I’m putting a different spin on it and taking a shot at providing some authentic feedback...

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4 keys to breaking into the sports industry

By ben slingerland - business development manager, catapult sports

In an article written by Ben and originally published 02/20/19 on his personal site: Everyone loves sports. Our culture is predicated around them for better or for worse. Sport has served as humanity’s...

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3 ways to win over your salespeople

By thomas messerich - director, ticket sales - minnesota united fc

Getting the salespeople on your team to buy into you and your vision is important to achieving sales team success. Here are three things that I believe can help you do that. Invest in them One of the most...

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Leadership Development
#MySportsBizStart - Lexie Sidney: "Sacrifice, rejection and success in sports"

By lexie sidney - Director of strategic marketing, houston dynamo

Most people think working for a sports team means free tickets, being friends with the players, knowing the inside scoop before it happens, and being the biggest superfan in the world. In some cases, that’s...

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How to grow your career in sport sales

By nick szpur - manager, inside sales - san jose sharks

“Nick, how did you get to where you are in your career?” “Nick, in your opinion what does it take to be successful in sport sales?” “Nick, what are you looking for in a potential new hire?”...

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Ticket Sales Career Coaching
How exploring your mindset can improve your "mental performance"

By Dr. Lauren S. Tashman, CMPC - Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP)

What does it take to be successful in sales? One key to success is your ability to get into the minds of your customers and prospects to understand among many things, who they are, what they want and don’t...

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Mental Health
Making "prospecting" a priority

By Adam vogel - sr. director, training & development - sports business solutions

According to, the average human being will spend 852 hours in their lifetime brushing their teeth. That is the equivalent of 35.5 days—or five full vacations. Hard to believe, isn’t...

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B2B Sales Ticket Sales Sales Training
5 things you need to know about working in sports

By Matt stocker - employment manager at the florida panthers

Last month I transitioned out of my Ticket Sales Manager position and into Human Resources as our Employment Manager with the Florida Panthers. I spent the last 4 years with our Ticket Sales/Service team,...

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5 ways you can use video to achieve sport sales success

By Dustin Toms - VP, Business Operations at the Stockton Kings

If I were to tell you there was a tool that allowed your hottest prospect the ability to meet face to face with you on their time, would you use it? What if I told you that you didn’t even have to be...

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Ticket Sales Sales Training
3 keys to learning and growing in the sports industry

By spencer wilson - Associate, the core at the oakland a's

Whether you’re a freshman in college, or you’ve been in the industry for decades, it’s important to maximize every opportunity to learn while in your role. I remember when I was a freshman at Ohio...

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Career Coaching Job seeking
How to transition from sports salesperson to sales manager

By ted glick - sr. director of sales & Service at sacramento republic fc

The sound of the sales bell rings throughout the office, announcing to all that another sale has been made! Now picture the sales floor, everyone turns to look, who’s ringing the bell?! Are you picturing...

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Career Coaching Leadership Development
#MySportsBizStart - Mike Janela: "From the restroom to the front office"

By Mike Janela - multimedia host and producer in sports

I landed my first job in minor league baseball because I had to use the bathroom. A true story and no better way to start working in one of the world’s most unique industries. Because no matter your...

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