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3 tips to improve your sales process (no matter what you're selling)

By Evan Ostrosky - Manager, group events at the prudential center and new jersey devils

Throughout my sports business career, I have been fortunate to sell or manage teams in both professional sports and live events. After beginning my career in baseball with the Pittsburgh Pirates, I moved...

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#MySportsBizStart - Terrence Brown: "NCAA Champ to Sales Executive"

By Terrence brown - Account manager, premium sales at the miami dolphins

The 2002 Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden was a defining moment in my life and career in sports. My old man, an NYPD lieutenant, was selected as the honorary captain for the UConn Men’s Basketball...

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4 ways to grow your career in sports (without a new title)

By Warren Parr - Senior Director of Ticket Sales at the Atlanta Falcons

This past summer I was fortunate to travel to West Creek Montana with 20+ fellow associates from AMB Sports and Entertainment (the parent company for the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United, and Mercedes-Benz...

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Elevate your career in sports: Jump through "the door" with both feet

By Chris Atack – Director of Ticket Sales & Service at the Ottawa Sport & Entertainment Group

Ticket sales is often referred to as the gateway to working in professional sports & entertainment. Check the careers page for the pro team in your market…they are probably hiring for ticket sales...

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#MySportsBizStart - Mackenzie Parker: "Take the leap of faith"

By Mackenzie Parker - Communications associate at minor league baseball

In October 2017, I was nearly halfway through my final year of college, and, for the first time in my life, clueless as to what was next for me. Everyone around me knew something about where they were...

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6 things Halloween can teach us about sport sales success

By bob hamer - president & founder of Sports business solutions and creator of theclubhouse

As I sat down to write today’s blog, on Halloween, I couldn’t help but think about the holiday. I remembered back to all those years of dressing up in costume, the trick-or-treating, and the celebration...

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5 benefits to working in minor league sports

By zach fahey - manager, client services at the iowa wild

I’ve worked in sports for nearly four years and have had experience working on big teams and small teams and in both large markets and small ones. There are pro’s and con’s to every job but sometimes...

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Minor League Sports Career Coaching
7 things I learned from running a sports expansion franchise

By Brad Kraft - Director, Business Operations for the Saskatchewan Rattlers Professional Basketball Club

Being in charge of a professional sport teams "operations" sounds pretty daunting, and you know, IT IS! After all, a lot goes on behind the scenes for any business to run smoothly. From website...

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Authentic Confidence: How to handle your sports business interview

By michelle tolbert, HR Project Manager at Legends

Congratulations! If you are reading this, then you have hopefully got past the hardest part, getting an invite to interview. Here are some quick tips and best practices on how to stand out during a phone...

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5 ways to stand out as a seller in a competitive market

By ryan mavaro - ticket sales & experience manager at the new york guardians (XFL)

Growing up in New York just outside of the city has taught me all the ins and outs of being a New Yorker. The hustle and bustle, the passion, the boldness. These are all qualities that have been instilled...

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How to transition from partnership "activation" to partnership "sales"

By nate racela - partnership sales manager at the minnesota timberwolves

Ever since I started in sports, I always knew I wanted to be in Corporate Partnerships. I love the ideation process of bringing campaigns to life and working with numerous stakeholders (internal and external)...

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4 keys to standing out as a sponsorship seller

By Travis misner - manager, partnership development at the charlotte hornets

Gone are the days when CEOs would write six and seven figure checks just to see their company name in the bright lights in their favorite sports team’s arena. Companies are getting smarter, budgets are...

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10 candid tips on how to enter the sports industry

By chris langdon - Manager of Partnerships and Sales, Niagara River Lions

I have always been one to want to ‘figure things out on my own’, and my introduction to the sports industry was no different. Upon reflecting, I have likely broken most of the conventional unwritten...

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How the OKC Thunder "LaunchPad" is driving economic development

By karlis kezbers - director, business intelligence and ticket strategy at the Oklahoma City thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder have been leaders on and off the basketball court ever since they arrived in OKC in 2008. They’ve thrilled fans with their up-tempo energetic brand of basketball, and they’ve...

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3 keys to becoming a better cold caller

By joe rickert - svp, property and team development at taymar sales u.

There’s no question that cold calling can be one of the most challenging aspects of sales. When I began my career as an Inside Sales Rep for the Atlanta Hawks, the idea of calling someone I didn’t...

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