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#MySportsBizStart – Devin Leon: “Be Your Own Hero”

By devin leon - membership executive at the seattle sounders

My start in the sports industry is best described as a long road. I grew up playing soccer and pursued that passion to become a professional. I had opportunities to play abroad and the game took me to...

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3 tips to ace your sports sales interview

By david neumann - inside sales manager, angels baseball

It took me about 40 applications before I got my first interview in pro sports. Following an exciting callback from the Diamondbacks, I made the seven-hour drive from LA to Phoenix to interview for an...

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How to maximize your "offseason" in sports

By Chris Sorrels - Director, Season Ticket Retention and Premium Services at Oklahoma City Thunder

As my mind was spinning on what service-centric topic to write about, all sorts of ideas came running through my head. Do I write about the differences between customer service vs. customer experience?...

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10 tips for new Inside Sales reps in sports

By kevin klammer - sr. director of training and development at sports business solutions

Rule Number 1: Don’t throw up on yourself. Kidding. Kinda… All jokes aside, the Inside Sales process in sports is akin to how a wise frat bro once described the experience of pledging a fraternity...

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What Kobe Bryant can teach us about sports business success

By bob hamer - president & founder of Sports business solutions and creator of theclubhouse

In a post originally published by Bob Hamer on LinkedIN on December 1, 2015. Yes, I know playing the game itself as an athlete is very different than the business conducted in the office cubicles. Players...

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3 lessons I've learned about leadership

By corey breton - CRO, Global ATtractions at Legends

The three L’s; guess it’s fitting since one of the first lessons in leadership is learning to take L’s. As a sales rep, everything is within your control, and you can undoubtedly work your way out...

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Leadership Development
**Press Release: Sports Business Solutions announces the hiring of Kevin Klammer**

By The SBS Team

PHOENIX, AZ -- Sports Business Solutions and company president Bob Hamer are excited to announce the hiring of Kevin Klammer to be Sr. Director of Training & Development for the consulting company....

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3 ways to effectively manage your sales leads

By matt clark - Director, group tickets and hospitality at the san diego padres

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail,” John Wooden. Campaign management is one of the biggest differences between an entry level sales rep who focuses on single game buyers to a mid-level account...

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4 key differences in the group sales and premium sales processes

By ashley hall - sr director of premium sales and service at the la galaxy

It’s common to see high achieving group sales reps make their next stop in premium sales. While there are plenty of similarities between group and premium sales, here are four ways to think of group...

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How to tackle B2B and your career as a young professional

By Hayley Coppola - business development manager at tickpick

As I was starting my professional career, there was one thing I knew for certain: I wanted to work in the business of sports and entertainment. As I went through college internships, I did everything from...

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#MySportsBizStart - Christine Miller: "Be your very best every day"

By Christine miller - sr. manager, vip services at the los angeles kings

My start in the sports industry took a bit longer than most. Although I had interned in the AHL with the Charlotte Checkers my senior year at UNC Charlotte, it took almost 3 years working in other industries...

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4 lessons I've learned in sport sales

By aaron klein - manager, inside sales at marquee 360 and the chicago cubs

In the six months since I transitioned from a sales representative to a sales team manager, I’ve had time to reflect on my successes and failures and consider ways to help my team avoid those same mistakes....

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#MySportsBizStart - Sunghwan Kim: "Sales and E-sports"

By sunghwan kim - jr account executive, esl gaming

My name is Sung, and I work on the Brand Partnerships team for one of the oldest and largest esports companies in the world, ESL Gaming. As I write this and reflect, I can’t help but think about how...

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5 keys to rising the ranks in sport sales

By alex portera - sr. premium sales consultant at legends

Just like most of you, I’ve always wanted to work in sports. Now four years into my career, I’ve found myself working on the largest sport and entertainment project in the industry. Working for Legends...

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Getting ahead by going beyond: Becoming a major player in the minor leagues

By Trent ferguson - chief revenue officer & alternate governor of the allen americans (ECHL)

Let’s not beat around the bush, the sports world is a hard fraternity to break into. We have all heard the hard-luck stories, even told a few, of what it took to get a chance in this career. The competition...

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