Advice sports industry pro's are most thankful for

by Bob Hamer - President & FOunder of Sports Business Solutions and Founder of the clubhouse
November 21, 2018

During the Thanksgiving season it's always good for us to take a step back and think about all the things we're thankful for (beyond the turkey, stuffing, and pie, mmmmm). For many of us, it's friends and family, health and happiness, having a job, and more. I'm very thankful for those things this year, in addition, I'm thankful for our new baby boy, and for my amazing team at Sports Business Solutions.

This Thanksgiving in particular, I'm also very thankful for the great relationships and friendships I have with sports industry professionals all over the country. Their support of me and Sports Business Solutions over the years, and most recently their support of our new Clubhouse initiative means the world to me. Without that, I'm confident we wouldn't be where we are today. So to all of you out there, thank you for everything you do for me.

This week, given the holiday and in the spirit of giving thanks, I reached out to some of my friends in the business and wanted to see what career advice they've been given, that they're most thankful for. They were kind enough to share that with you and my hope is you'll all be thankful for this advice and can take it with you the rest of the holiday season and on into 19'...

"The smartest businesswoman I know – the incomparable Jay Parry – used to tell me, “The devil’s in the details.” So many pitfalls can be avoided simply by game-planning every possible scenario. It sounds obvious, but many times, assumptions are made based on our personal experiences versus considering a multitude of perspectives. Don’t leave any stone unturned!" -- Amber Cox, Vice President - Connecticut Sun & New England Black Wolves

"When starting out in your career, whether it be in the sports industry, or not, always make sure to have passion and patience for what you do. When you are able to successfully accomplish those skills, it helps build relationships and trust which will allow you to further excel in your career both personally and professionally." -- Michelle Tolbert, Human Resources Project Manager - Legends 

Focus on the process. Early in my sales career I was too focused on the results, and seeing a lack of results led me to get frustrated and it affected me when I left the office. After implementing that advice I was able to find small wins each day even if they weren't revenue wins. Eventually my small daily wins added up to bigger wins and ultimately better revenue results. If you focus on the process and your process is a good one, the results will eventually follow.” -- Carter Motley, Manager, Membership Sales - San Diego Padres

Master the science first. If you are too concerned about the artistic part of sales (having strong showmanship and presentation skills) before getting in front of the customer you will never hit your numbers. Get toe to toe with as many people as possible. During each presentation you will refine and tweak the artistic part of sales and you will master that in time. However, what is in your control right now is the science of sales. That is the number of calls and appointments you are making each and every day. By fishing where the fish are you are going to catch some by accident. The science part of sales only requires a strong work ethic and a desire to improve." -- Deno Anagnost, Vice President of Sales - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

“The one piece of advice that I have been most grateful for and have really taken to heart throughout my career is to “control the controllables.” In sales, especially across the sports industry, you can expect conflict, changing variables, and consistent road blocks. Many of these threats to your business are out of your control. When faced with conflict, start to condition yourself to ask two questions before being swallowed up by unnecessary stress.1. Does it really matter? 2. Can you positively affect it? If the answer to either question is no, then move on and adjust your focus.” -- Shawn McIntosh, Director of Sales & Service - Las Vegas Aces

"Value your voice. When you have an idea or opinion, speak up and speak up confidently. If you sit back in silence, you’ll end up living in the shadows of other people’s decisions. Own your voice and use it." -- Allie Dicken, Manager of Brand Marketing - San Francisco 49ers 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!