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3 ways to sell during this COVID pandemic

By jen fusci - Director of ticket sales for the connecticut sun and new england black wolves

Here we are six months into the COVID-19 pandemic and our industry has been thrown for a massive loop. When the pandemic first hit there was a lot of “wait and see” as sales and service teams shifted...

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How we've transitioned our sales culture during COVID-19

By andrew hicks - manager, group sales at one world observatory (NY)

We have lived in a world of grey over these last 6+ months. For many, including myself, this has been difficult to adjust to. We all were used to a particular way of life pre-COVID, and when things would...

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Supporting and Maximizing Moms in Sports

By Abby Jacobs - Retail & Partnerships Manager at Xenith

A fellow Sports Biz Mom once told me, “People bring their whole selves to work every day. It might not be visible, but it’s part of who they are.” I think about this statement often and am grateful...

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My #SameHere Story: "Perspective and Finding Purpose"

By tyler marcotte - member experience executive, boston celtics

This year has certainly been a unique one with many societal issues being apparent and change being at the forefront. If there is something 2020 has taught me so far, it is the importance of perspective....

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#MySportsBizStart - Brittany Dvorak: "Life's a Ride.."

By Brittany Dvorak - Assistant to the General Manager at the Ralph engelstad arena

As a little girl growing up in Grand Forks, ND, I fell in love with sports. From being dropped off by my parents at all the early morning practices to the many late nights of spending extra time in the...

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3 keys to success in premium sales

By Brock Hendricks - Premium Sales Manager, AEG & the staples center

“The Premium Way” is how our Vice President, Manny Jacobo, describes our office. Quite frankly, it’s a taller task that requires a different approach. The difference between premium sales versus...

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This has to stop: Sports leading the charge for change

By bob hamer - president & founder of Sports business solutions and creator of theclubhouse

Full disclosure, I had planned on posting something else on theClubhouse platform today. But watching the most recent clip from Robert Horry moved me. It brought to light the very real pain and fear that...

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#MySportsBizStart – Jonathan Smaldon: "Building in the Minors"

By Jonathan Smaldon - Manager, Premium Partnerships at the New york jets

NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. The core four leagues are where almost every aspiring sport management professional wishes to establish their career. However, the reality is that many will get their foot in the...

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A Woman's POV of the Sports Industry

By Tamarah Strauss - VIce president, DKC Sports Group

With a closer eye on diversity in the workplace now more than ever – I often find myself reflecting on what it’s like being a woman in the sports industry and the countless people I’ve cultivated...

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The Group Sales Spotlight: Sacramento Kings


Recently, we caught up with one of our partners, the Sacramento Kings and specifically their head of Group Sales, Michael Ramos. We were interested in learning more about some of their successes over the...

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Selling during COVID-19: "Stay in the ring"

By Sam barlow - Manager, Inside sales at monumental sports & entertainment

“Stay in the ring.” If you’re reading this as an Inside Sales rep at Monumental Sports, you’re probably sick of hearing this phrase. I use it all the time. But I think this phrase applies now more...

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Why texting is so important in business, and how to do it!

By matt bruhn - Senior mid-market account executive at zipwhip

Texting has been around since 1992 — or 1985, if we’re counting typewriters — and yet 61% of businesses still aren’t texting their customers. Why is that? It is probably because people make a lot...

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What I learned in my first year in sport sales

By Jeremy barber - Account executive, business development at the san jose sharks

I remember lying awake in bed the night before I was set to move to San Jose on February 28th, 2019, to begin my career in the sports industry. It was already past 2:30am and I had to be up by 4:00am to...

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My #SameHere Story: "You're not alone"

By chris walker - sr. manager, business development - florida gator sports properties at learfield img college

It shouldn’t take the stigma surrounding mental health to hide my story. It shouldn’t take the embarrassment of going through mental health issues to keep things to myself. It shouldn’t take the...

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You have been furloughed in sports, now what?!

By Ed Kaczynski - fMR. Director of Ticket Sales and Experience with the XFL St. Louis BattleHawks & Elevate Sports Ventures

Until recently, many of us have been unfamiliar with the term furlough. For those still unfamiliar, this is a temporary, unpaid layoff that companies use due to financial hardship, with the caveat that...

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